How Joshua Triplett Principal Managing Partner of VIP Capital Funding Helped Business Owners Obtain Over $100MM and Helped His Group Of Talented Consultants Thrive


Joshua Triplett has been in the financial industry for almost 7 years and has a plethora of knowledge in guiding small business owners toward the right solution. He first analyzes the business owners short term problems and creates a long term solution. The competitive advantage that he holds in the industry is by having a keen and empathetic understanding of a business’ needs and wants. This ranges from short term troughs that business owners must get by with because of the lack of capital at the time. In other cases, he will consult and tell a business owner to wait to improve areas of credit or cash flow if the offer presented by the lender is not attractive.

Joshua Triplett’s mindset based on identifying the problem and finding the best solution to the financial problem at hand, Through this approach he and his group have managed to help originate over $100 million in loans over the past 2 years. His reputation was built as being a trustworthy consultant that would aggressively get business owners offers that they deserve, and for the 5% who got declined he would help give advice for the business owner to follow so in the near future, the business owner would be approved. Joshua Triplett is a multi-millionaire and although money is rewarding, he is most fulfilled by being a great attribute to the economy by helping business owners seek working capital. He understands the sales process to a T, and through that, he has 6 trustful and highly skilled consultants who have duplicated his success. Because VIP Capital Funding is not as big as other financial companies they use their smaller size to their advantage by being more nimble. They are able to hire more talented people with higher salaries because they aren’t saturated with hundreds of mediocre employees. VIP Capital Funding is an elite group who is very effective at being personable and dedicated to their clients, and best of all they get the job done.

By having a deep grasp of understanding of the customer’s point of view Joshua Triplett and VIP Capital have been able to successfully originate hundreds of loans. Unlike banks who treat customers like a number or other merchant cash advance companies who read off scripts like robots; Joshua Triplett has been able to earn the customer’s trust through his performance and with that performance comes the confidence that business owners recognize and want to do business with. At the end of the day when a business owner comes to VIP Capital Funding for a small business loan, Joshua Triplett and VIP Capital Funding’s consultant delivers detailed consultations tailored to the business, and it’s industry nu solving financial problems. These problems could be a plethora of things such as capital for expansion, new hires, accounts receivables, strengthening the business’s cash flow. As a result, Joshua Triplett Owner of VIP Capital Funding and his consultants create great value in the economy of the 30.7 million small businesses in the United States.