How Merchant Cash Business Loans Are More Beneficial for Small Businesses than Bank Loans.



First, breaking down interest rates and repayment Merchant Cash Advance On average you will see factor rates on MCA's between 1.25-1.499. For simplicity matter that is 25%-49.99% Interest rate. That may sound like a lot, and it is a lot for the personal consumer who is paid hourly or salary. But for a business owner who is using the capital to invest and reaping 100%-400% returns, then the cost of the capital makes sense as a profit is being made, not to mention the interest rate is a tax write off. Another benefit to this is that the interest is simple unlike a bank with hidden balloon interest who will have you running in place for years until you even begin to touch the principle. That comes out to he more expensive and disadvantageous for the business owner

Let’s take two product examples:

Bank Loan Amount: $200,000 Interest Rate with balloon: 15% APR

Repaument Type: Monthly

Term length: 60 months

Total Payment: $349,175

Interest Paid: 149,175

Prepayment penalty

Merchant Cash Advance amount: $200,000

Interest rate: 30%

Payment type: weekly or Daily

Term Length: 15 months

Total payment: $260,000

Interest Paid: $60,000

10% payment discount

From the two examples shown you will see that although a bank term is longer it is more expensive and less flexible as far as the repayment type is concerned a daily r weekly payment is a better for for small business for book keeping purposes. portunity cost of taking out a MCA loan every year with a preayment discount far outweighs the restrictions that a bank will put on your business not to mention your assets they want to hold at their fingers tips.


Now, look at the opportunity cost for taking out an MCA loan every year with a prepayment discount far outweighs the restrictions that a bank will put on your business not to mention your assets will be held at their fingers tips. Ideally speaking you want synergy with a bank loan with an MCA to cover both long and short-term expenses, and lastly do not overleverage your cash flow with MCAs that puts your account in quicksand. Use debt responsibility. At VIP Capital Funding, we will advise and put you in the best possible position to succeed. In summary: A Merchant Cash Advance gives you more capital overtime this growing your business faster, with no-prepayment discount, it can be cheaper in the long run compared to a bank loan, the funding process is a lot faster and there is no personal guaranty. The list could go further here but I will stop here.