You wouldn’t go to court with a cheap attorney or a public defender, then you shouldn’t go and try a get a business loan without a good broker/consultant.


A good broker or financial consultant knows his or her industry to a T. The broker will do all the heavy lifting for you while you’re out helping to strengthen your business. A good broker you can trust will always present you with the best solution long term. The broker will know just off a glance of your bank statements and credit score on what you will be approved for which will result in minimal inquires on your credit history. A good broker is also a good listener and will prepare a report to present to the lender or investor to add as much strength to your file as possible, and depending on the reputation of the consulting firm they usually will have good relationships with the lender or investor to bypass nuance stipulations that would be requested if you were to go in alone. It’s your decision whether you want to go in alone but you would be walking into a lion’s den unequipped with knowledge and influence that a broker/consultant will prevent you from being taken advantage of.