Why VIP Capital Funding is the Most Personable and Dedicated Financial Services Company


The success of VIP Capital Funding starts with its ability to focus on the customer. VIP Capital Funding is analogous to a Navy Seal Team who is, although smaller, their skill set and capabilities are far superior compared to a military group of 10,000 military personnel. Because VIP Capital Funding is a smaller group, they are a lot more nimble, personal and dedicated compared to bigger financial service companies. You get what you pay for with VIP Capital Funding, the difference between us and everyone else is that you are reaching out to us directly and we are your 24/7 financial consultants. We don’t care if you call, text, or email us at 3:00 AM; our job is to be there for you and your business. Unlike other companies where you call and get put through loops, somebody’s secretary or just a random employee that the larger company’s model; with VIP Capital Funding you have someone dedicated to your business needs.

Apart from this, with our talented team, we are shrewd negotiators and have great relationships in the small business loan industry. When it comes to getting an offer for our clients, we are both relentless and aggressive. We grab the bull by the horns and make offers happen fearlessly. We analyze our client’s financials and their industry and compile an executive summary to present to our lenders and investors who decide to approve or decline the merchant. VIP Capital Funding boasts a 95% success rate in getting their clients approved for funding. Joshua Triplett Owner and Managing Partner of VIP Capital Funding keeps a good handle on all of the client’s VIP Capital Funding’s representatives are working with to make sure business is up to standard. VIP Capital Funding uses all standard tools of communication such as phone, email, and SMS. VIP Capital Funding and its representatives also know which tools to use depending on the situation. For example, if it is just a quick question text/sms would be best. If it involves a thorough summary, reading email is best. If it involves details that are difficult to communicate over the phone that would last longer than 3 minutes than a phone call would be best. When you are working with VIP Capital Funding you are working with highly skilled consultants who are confident that they will get the job done for you at a very high success rate and make it as smooth, personable, and dedicated as possible along the way.