Everything to know about Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance

No matter how you cut it, slice it, or dice it you will hear names from Merchant Cash Advance or Fin-Tech companies as Merchant Cash Advance being coined small business loans, small business funding, investor capital, and working capital. It is all the same thing, and this money is not bank money. It is investor money usually from people who are worth anywhere from $10M-$1B+ dollars with many of them being famous people. The investors understand it is a risky business investment with high reward, so the next time you see an interest rate of 40% or more, just know that the investor is taking a risk on your business, and instead of investing in something that will usually reap 5% or 10% the investor will be wanting 15% or more, then you have company and broker expenses.

This information above is valuable to anyone who is entering the fin-tech or merchant cash advance space as many businesses are still able to make a good profit by using the capital for hiring staff, purchasing equipment, or just general working capital expenses. VIP capital Funding however is a very experienced company that will not only give you the best chance of getting approved but will also go up to bat with the investors and lenders to give you the best possible offer. They do it better than anyone else as their reviews prove so. Their group of consultants has anywhere from 5-25 years of experience, and our mission is never trying to sell the business owner but help the business owner because when you run the numbers you will see a lot of times you are making a profit which will benefit your business and help it grow.

Joshua Triplett, Owner, and Executive Principal Managing Partner have almost a decade of experience in the fintech industry as he owns a leading firm with great reviews, he has a group of consultants who deploy strategies to help get the funds you want and need.

If you are interested in getting funds for your business, email, or call:

*Vice President Will Winston whose email is will.winston@vipcapitalfunding.com | 919-521-8954

*Chief Financial Officer Kenneth Lewis whose email is kenneth@vipcapitalfunding.com | 661-449-7305

*Senior Vice President Carlos Hernandez whose email is carlos@vipcapitalfunding.com | 919-300-0203

*Director of Risk Management Cheynne Chong whose email is cheynne@vipcapitalfunding.com | 919-521-8451

Just know you are in good trustworthy hands with VIP Capital Funding as customer service and professionalism is top-notch, we are accredited by the BBB, and have spectacular reviews on Google, Best, Company, and Trust Pilot. Because of VIP Capital Funding’s success, every consultant breathes an air of confidence and certainty in helping your business get funded, grow, and prosper. We are dedicated, and personable as well which you will not see anywhere else. Communication and trust is very important to VIP Capital Funding. So if you need help getting your business funded with a small business loan, seek VIP Capital Funding, and we are sure to help you out.