Deadline December 21st to apply for EIDL up to $150,0000 (Economic Injury Disaster Loan)

Application Deadline December 21, 2020


Note: Accepting Only $400,000 Annual Revenue minimum for the year 2019 and 640 minimum credit score. We are doing our best to help everyone if you meet the requirements and tried getting funding before please reach out again. Due to heavy volume, it has been hectic.

Economic Injury Disaster Loan


EIDL Economic Injury Disaster Loan:

If you have not yet received your EIDL yet and did $400,000 minimum in annual revenue in 2019 along with a 640 credit score we can help. We are a Fin-tech company specializing in helping small businesses with working capital long before COVID-19. What we can achieve that big banks can’t, is although smaller we are stronger in effectively being able to streamline the lending process and helping small business loans. We are armed with aggressive under-writers who will make sure to reserve EIDL cash for you. If you are still having trouble or waiting for your EIDL loan, we are very confident in our ability to help you.


Through VIP Capital Funding’s resources and helping to facilitate the EIDL, we have been able to get over $10M of EIDL delivered to business owners within 30 days. If you are still experiencing trouble and delays, please act fast as there is only $50 billion left and we are very confident we can help.


VIP Capital Funding’s EIDL Requirements:

* $400,000 Annual Revenue

* 640 minimum credit score


Loan Example:

*$400,000 annual revenue

*EIDL Loan Amount- $150,000

*Loan Term: 30 year repayment

*APR: 3.75%

*12 month deferment