Main Street Lending Program loans from $2,000,000-$35,000,000.

Main Street Lending Program loans from $2,000,000-$35,000,000.



Before wasting any more time:

Minimum Annual Revenue $10,000,000 

Minimum Average Credit Score: 680


This is a very good loan when once packaged will be sent across 650 banks who will pick and choose which files they want to fund. Our job at VIP Capital Funding is to give you the best chances of getting approved at a 95% success rate, in which I can say with utmost certainty our preparedness is superior to any other firm.. We will make it happen! We have top-notch resources as most of our talent have decades of experience in the financial space. We know this industry to a T, and are armed with elite CPAs and Financial Analysts who will help package your loan to the bank nice and neat on a silver platter. Our confidence and certainty in helping you are very high. We know exactly what we are doing, and we have a precise aim in making sure your funds will be approved and delivered. This confidence comes from the hundreds of businesses we have helped fund during these uncertain times, we are aggressive and prompt in our approach which has resulted in much success. 


In addition, even with the loan being fairly new we have managed to fund a few businesses for over $15M, and we will continue to ride this momentum for the remainder of the Mainstreet Lending Program.


Educational Purposes: Because the economy is on the verge of a multi-year depression the feds are taking on 95% of the risk and the banks are taking on 5% of the risk in giving out the MSLP loans from $2M-$35M to upper revenue small business Loans and mid-size businesses. To meet $1M EBITDA multiply your profit margin by your annual revenue to give you an approximation.


Loan example: $4,000,000 Annual Revenue multiplied by 30% profit margins= $1,250,000 EBITDA approximate. From there you are looking at a $4m-$6M loan. 


Loan terms will be a 12-month deferment over a monthly repayment schedule of 5 years at 3% APR.


This is a great loan due to overwhelming demand, VIP Capital Funding is prioritizing borrowers who have at least $1MM in 2019 EBITDA. The federal reserve is paying for 95% of the risk, the banks are only risking 5%


Who can we help?

Due to overwhelming demand VIP is offering two levels of support based on company size as measured by 2019 EBITDA:


For borrowers with over $1MM in 2019 EBITDA 

seeking $2M or more in MSLP loans, VIP Capital Funding will support you through the entire lending process from qualification to funding.


Seeking $2MM or more

If your company $2MM+ in existing debt on the balance sheet, or you are seeking to receive at least $2MM in MSLP loans, and have at least $1MM in 2019 EBITDA, we can help.


VIP Capital Funding’s platform uses data-driven algorithms, direct access to over 650 lenders, and loan experts confidently increase the certainty of funding. VIP Capital Funding can help ensure you receive the COVID-19 funds that your company is promised under the CARES Act.