MSLP, Mainstreet Lending Program in Further Detail

What is MSLP

Mainstreet Lending Program

The program is designed to clean up debt and give your business a clean slate with working capital over the top. It also helps credit flow to small and medium-sized for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations that were in sound financial condition before the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, but now need loans to help maintain their operations until they have recovered from, or adapted to, the impacts of the pandemic.


Loans originated under the program have several features that will help borrowers facing challenges. The program offers 5-year loans, with floating rates, and principal and interest payments deferred as indicated in the charts above to assist those experiencing temporary cash flow interruptions. To support a broad set of employers, loan size starts at $250,000 and ranges up to $300 million for some loan types.


Minimum Annual Revenue $10,000,000 or Minimum EBITDA

Minimum Average Credit Score: 640

Minimum 2019 EBITDA: $1,000,000


Our mission at VIP Capital Funding is to give you the best chances of getting approved. With our 90% success rate and experienced team.. We will make it happen! We have top-notch resources alongside a team with 50+ years of combined financial consulting expertise. We know this industry to a T and are armed with elite CPAs and Financial Analysts who will help package your loan to the bank on a silver platter.


Example: $4,000,000 Annual Revenue multiplied by 30% profit margins = $1,200,000 EBITDA approximate. From there you are looking at a $4m-$6M loan. 


Loan terms: 12 month deferment over a monthly repayment schedule of 5 years at 3% APR.