Short Term-Mid Term Business Capital

VIP Capital Funding is a highly reviewed leading Fin-Tech Firm helping business owners obtain working capital to help your business grow.

Short Term-Mid Term Business Capital


Note: Because of COVID-19 we are only accepting $1,200,000 annual revenue minimum for the year and 600 minimum. We are doing our best to help everyone if you meet the requirements and tried getting funding before please reach out again. Due to heavy volume, it has been hectic.


Small Business Loans: Range from 6-12 months with interest rates from 10%-30%, mind you this is investor’s money so it’s going to be a little high investors’ want their return but hundreds of businesses we’ve helped have benefited from their capital significantly.


We are armed with aggressive under-writers who will make sure to reserve Merchant Cash Advance cash for you from our investors. If you have run out-of EIDL or the PPP loan, we are very confident in our ability to help you.


VIP Capital Funding’s Merchant Cash Advance Requirements:

*$1,200,000 Annual Revenue

* 600 minimum credit score


Loan Example:

*$150,000 annual revenue

*Total Payback: $194,0000

*Loan Term: 12 months

*Early Prepayment discount of 9% if paid off within 60 days

*Interest Forgiveness for early payment