Merchant Cash Advance or Short-mid Term Business Loan

Going right into the meat and potatoes of working capital made out by investors with terms ranging anywhere from 3-24 months is for the business owner to take advantage of the early prepayment discount that VIP Capital Funding has to offer. Why may you ask? Usually, a merchant cash advance has higher interest rates ranging from 20%-40% on average over the course of the term. That is a bit high but it is also a tax write-off just to add. But the point of this entire blog is to take advantage of the early prepayment discount ranging from 8%-15% if you were to pay the loan off within 30-120 calendar days. This is extremely beneficial for business owners who can invest in material, staffing, advertising, equipment, etc. and make a large gross return between 300%-500%. This way you are accelerating the growth of your business by taking on anywhere from $50k-$500k you can invest in what you need for a certain period of time and turn around and pay the working capital off at a much cheaper rate than if you were to drag out the entire term.

For merchants who cannot pay the merchant cash advance off early, the small business loan also remains beneficial because it can serve as working capital that keeps your own sweat money in your pockets while you are planting the seeds buying time for a more prosperous quarter by forecasting your growth plan. VIP Capital Funding serves 700+ industries but the concept usually remains the same across all businesses, and that is you need working capital to invest, you need to market to your clientele and lastly sell your product or service. There is a lot of planning and expenses involved but when executed correctly a Merchant Cash Advance backed by investor funding can serve of great benefit, as there are no strings attached and the capital is very flexible in what you want to use for your business. You’re not tied down by an investor who is taking a % of your gross or net revenue, it’s just you, a confident business owner with a vision to maintain or help grow your business to its ceiling. VIP Capital Funding’s expert financial consultants can help you right away to solve your financial business problems. Just visit and fill out the web form or email

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