5 Types Of Loans For Your Cleaning Business

X Types Of Loans For Your Cleaning Business

Companies that provide cleaning services or other building services sometimes have a low entrance barrier. However, maintaining business operations involves frequent investments in your company, including bulk purchases of cleaning supplies, attracting new clients, and routine upgrades to cleaning tools like vacuums and industrial carpet steamers. While you wait for payments from clients or make payroll, you could need to fill cash flow gaps. Your cleaning service business may benefit from financing. Learn more about the different types of loans for cleaning business that help you acquire cleaning supplies or equipment or manage your financial flow.

Business Line of Credit

You have access to flexible, revolving funds through a business line of credit whenever you require them for your cleaning company. With a line of credit, you can take out as much money as you need, pay off the balance, and then have more money added to the line so you can use it again. A line of credit is typically used by cleaning companies to pay for upfront supply expenses or to bridge the gap in cash flow in between bills.

Short-Term Business Loan

Numerous online lenders provide quick business financing for startups like cleaning services. This kind of financing enables a business to borrow cash and repay it quickly, frequently resulting in a lower total dollar cost than a loan with a longer term. Terms range from three months to three years. A short-term business loan from an internet lender can be obtained much more quickly than a standard loan from a bank. Normally, the applicant can submit an application in a few minutes and receive funding within a few days. Many cleaning companies will take out a short-term business loan to fund marketing or advertising initiatives or to buy cleaning products in bulk at a discount.

Equipment Funding

Another approach to pay for the purchase of business equipment is through equipment financing (besides just using a loan or line of credit). Equipment for a firm can be any physical object needed in daily operations. This could be a vacuum cleaner, a professional rug cleaner, or the van that a cleaning service company uses to commute to client appointments. Many cleaning firms use equipment loans to expand their collection of business equipment without using up their cash reserves.

Bank Loan

The type of funding you are probably most familiar with as a business owner is a typical bank loan. In general, collateral is needed to receive a bank loan, and the application procedure can take several weeks. The loan term can range from two to twenty years. Even though bank loans’ interest rates can be alluring, many cleaning companies might have trouble being approved and discover that the application process is too time-consuming for their cash flow requirements.

SBA Loan

Although the Small Business Administration does not lend money directly, it does so through partner banks and credit unions. However, in some cases, the SBA Loan Guarantee Program will allow a borrower to qualify even if they do not otherwise meet the stricter requirements set forth by the bank. This can be an option for your business if your cleaning company is a well-established enterprise with a few years under its belt and your personal credit score is higher than 680.