Our Working Capital Loans Are Superb For Healthcare and Construction Companies

Writer: Joshua Triplett | CEO Of VIP Capital Funding

Less is more here, over the years our company have spoken with and have done business with 1000s of  business owners, but one thing that comes to mind as the top two industries in financially servicing high dollar amounts in no order is Healthcare and Construction Companies to meet their Financial Needs.  A 3rd one on the list is a tie for IT/Staffing/Restaurants., and although we have helped fund business loans to a multitude of industries Healthcare and Construction of all verticals benefit from our capital the most. Reason being, these have high profit margins to negate the cost of our capital and both industries are in constant need of supply, material. This means time is of the essence, these clients can’t afford to wait 40–90 days in with a low 1% approval ratio and I wouldn’t recommend it to business owners as it’s a shot in the dark in this economy in doing so. At VIP Capital Funding each an everyone of our Financial Officers understand this and we beat your bank in dedication, 95% approval ratios, high funding amounts, and speed to get your business loan delivered within 1-3 days. This is all to increase Profits/ROI for the business owner and everyone wins!


Joshua Triplett