$50K-$15MM Working Capital and Construction Loans Fast! | Apply Now

Note- Accepting businesses who produce $600k annually or $50,000 minimum in monthly deposit volume

$50k-$15MM Hassle Free Quick Approvals and Funding Within 24-48 hours

***10-35% PrePay Discount at Anytime

***100% Interest forgiveness upon renewal. 

-This means the remaining interest on this deal is forgiven if the merchant refinances after 50%

Average ROI 300%-500% from over 1000 clients from the deployment of our capital


VIP Capital Funding has established a strong reputation in the Construction/Contractor lending industry and have successfully funded hundreds of projects, primarily focused on small to large commercial construction.


Given the current market conditions and increasing demand for our services, we find ourselves serving  a multitude of businesses and construction companies to support operations, embark on new construction projects, job growth, expansion, marketing etc.. The working capital loan would provide you with the necessary liquidity to manage day-to-day expenses, meet payroll obligations, and procure materials. Our short-term construction loans would enable you to commence a significant project, covering costs such as land acquisition, construction materials, and equipment purchases.


Here are some essential details regarding your company and the loan request:

  • Loan Amount
  • Purpose: The working capital loan will be utilized to bolster your cash flow and ensure smooth operations, while the construction loan will fund a specific project outlined below.
  • Project Details: description of the project, including its scope, timeline, and potential return on investment.


As a reputable finance company, I am confident that VIP Capital Funding has the expertise and resources to support your growth plans. We are open to discussing the terms, interest rates, and repayment structures that align with both your requirements and VIP Capital Funding’s lending criteria.


I kindly request an opportunity to discuss our loan application further. I am available for a phone call or email to provide more insights into your business and address any questions you may have.

Thank you for considering our loan request. We believe that with the support of VIP Capital Funding, we can propel our business forward and continue making significant contributions to the construction industry. I look forward to the possibility of working together.


Warm regards, VIP Capital Funding