Beer, Wine, and Liquor Stores

What are beer, wine, and liquor stores?

A beer, wine, and liquor store sell alcoholic drinks to its clients for consumption outside the shops. They are duly licensed to start this business and sell these drinks. Besides the license, certain laws also govern the operations of a liquor store. These include among many others, not selling alcoholic drinks to underage boys and girls. These regulations may vary from state to state but the business is closely monitored for any possible violations by the authorities everywhere.

The business scope of beer, wine, and liquor stores:

The beer, wine, and liquor markets are worth US$62 billion. The industry generated revenue of US$51.1 billion in 2020. It has been experiencing an average growth rate of 2.2% for the last five years at least. The trend is likely to grow as many millennials keeping reaching the legal age to consume alcohol. The business may experience new trends with the inclusion of a large young populace with new and varied interests.

Working Capital requirement of a beer, wine, and liquor store:

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