Who are caterers?

Caterers provide food services on different events and occasions. They prepare food off-site and once ready transport it to the client’s premises. They have delivery vans for this purpose. Besides food, caterers can provide paraphernalia used in a party. This may include chairs, canopy, crockery, cutlery, party decoration, etc.

The business scope of caterers:

There are some 12,000 enterprises doing catering business in the US. They generate annual revenue to the tune of US$11 billion. The best part about this business is you can operate it from your home and you can also do it on a part-time basis. You either have to be a good chef yourself or hire other good chefs to make mouth-watering treats. It is significantly cheaper to hire a caterer than hotels or banquet halls. That is why the catering business is on an upward trajectory.

Working capital requirements of caterers:

Catering does not have heavy startup costs. You can start from a small scale using your oven and stove and later invest in commercial ovens etc. You will also need capital to purchase raw material like flour, eggs, meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. You may want a further injection of capital to buy new stoves or hire new cooks. Sometimes money is needed to just pay off salaries or other basic expenses as the business endures a dry season. It is highly unlikely that a commercial bank would grant you a loan for your small, home-based catering business. This is where you need the services of an organization like VIP Capital Funding.

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