Loans for Child Day Care Services

Child daycare services have become an important need of today. With both parents working, there is nobody to look after the kids. They can be toddlers as well. So, a child’s daycare facility is the go-to place in such situations. It is a good business model and daycare centers earn well depending on their location and extent of services they provide.

If you want to open a child daycare center but do not have the funding for it, you tried banks but they refused to lend you small business loans fearing you’d fail. Then VIP Capital Funding is the answer to your small business funding. We are not afraid of bad credit business loans like banks, we believe in our client’s genuine needs and help them establish their businesses.

Our fast and simple business loans will give you all the financial assistance you need to set up a child daycare center or if you want to upgrade one that you already own. We process every loan application in days because we understand time is money and we do not want to waste our time or that of our clients. We are led by our owner and executive managing partner, Mr. Joshua Triplett, a dynamic man with a vision to transform the micro-business sector of this country. You can access him easily at his email at or call him directly at 919-521-8459. He is ably assisted by his competent staff members who are dedicated professionals ready to answer all your small business funding issues. Here are the names and the contact information of them that you can avail;

Will Winston Vice President 

Cheyenne Chong Director of Risk Management, 

  •  (919) 521-8451

Kenneth Lewis, Chief Financial Officer

Carlos Hernandez Senior Vice President

You are just a call or few clicks away from our easy approval business loans. We know you want to address your working capital issues and you are hunting for investor funding but nothing is coming your way. What you need is sound financial advice with a small business loan that is tailor-made for your needs. We have loaned to the services industries before and we know they have the potential to make or break an economy. That is why we focus on small business funding and we are here to help you too. We hope you will give us a try.