Working Capital for Construction Owners, General Contractors and Subcontractors

Contractors get piled up with jobs all the time. Completion of those jobs equal more money, but because of the lack of capital they become restricted on their earnings because they can’t purchase the material or equipment. They can’t hire more staff. All of this creates revenue and when done right a contractor makes 30%-40% of the job. This is where VIP Capital Funding can help, with a 95% approval ratio; we will help you get the funds needed to complete the developmental jobs you have in front of you so nobody is waiting for payment because of a delay or people are out of work because there isn’t enough capital to supply the job. This is where VIP Capital Funding’s small business loans also help is we give you just enough money to complete the job and once completed you are allowed to become renewed with more capital that is interest free. The most successful contractor’s that VIP Capital Funding deals with do anywhere from $50,000-$700,000. Although the margin is wide everyone has their own preference on how much work and responsibility they want to take on. The business owner doing $700,000 is making a good profit but taking on more risk because of all the equipment, material, and people helping. While the guy doing $100,000 per month is making higher margins because he can undercut prices on the bigger companies charging more. Nonetheless if you put in effort and attack the market you’re going to make a profit and VIP Capital Funding’s working capital is here to understand your needs, deadlines, amounts, etc. To help your business grow and progress over the long term.