Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services (Except Coin-Operated)

Who are they?

Dry cleaning and laundry services are an integral part of our society. You will find at least in any market. They provide washing, dry cleaning, steam pressing, ironing, services to every kind of apparel and fabric. Besides, they also wash bed sheets, curtains, towels, etc. Some dry cleaning establishments also offer basic repair services. Pick and drop service of your laundry through the use of mobile apps is a modern iteration of this old service.

Scope of their business:

They never go out of business. Even if you wash your laundry at home or use coin-operated laundry you will end up there for washing some other stuff. People also use their services to keep their woolen and fur garments in prim condition. They preserve and pack them for future use. North America is the second-largest market of the laundry business. In 2019, its total revenue topped US$8,180 million. You can enter this business with a modest investment and a little know-how of the business. No formal training is needed.

Working Capital requirement of their business:

They provide laundry services and their main investment involves buying a dry cleaning plant, washing machines, irons, washing detergents, etc. It is mostly a one-time investment except for washing powders. They do not operate at a high-profit margin and can suffer a lot if the business is slow. Competition is also stiff in this sector as there are many establishments providing laundry services. So, under such trying conditions as an owner of a small business, you need a reliable financing partner that can bail you out in times of need. And VIP Capital Funding is just right for the job.

VIP Capital Funding for your financial needs:

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Contact VIP Capital Funding:

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