Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors – Small Business Loans

Electrical contractors are businesses that install, repair, and service electrical installations and other wiring equipment. They provide both labor and parts to perform their job. So, in a way, they sell both their services and equipment. They usually operate on a 10-20% profit margin but like many other small businesses they are marred by working capital issues and low profitability. We at VIP Capital Funding are dedicated to helping them get fast and simple business loans that will help their business stay afloat and productive. 

Our Owner and Executive Manager Partner, Joshua Triplett, is fully aware of the liquidity problems being faced by such small businesses. These businesses have to reduce their operations, number of employees, and take other cost-cutting measures to remain relevant. What they need are specific small business loans that cater to their individual needs. At VIP Capital Funding, we serve their financial needs with a religious zeal. Our easy approval business loans are a panacea for your financial ills. 

You can contact our owner and Executive Managing Partner, Joshua Triplett, via email at joshuatriplett@vipcapitalfunding.com or by call at 919-521-8459. He is ably assisted by other professional staff members of the company. You can visit our website at www.vipcapitalfunding.com and get in touch with our other executives like Mr. Will Winston Vice President, business funding, will.winston@vipcapitalfunding.com, (919) 521-8954. Mr. Cheyenne Chong Director of Risk Management, at Cheynne@VIP Capital Funding.com, (919) 521-8451. Mr. Kenneth Lewis, Chief Financial Officer, at kenneth@vipcapitalfunding.com, (919) 261-3457 and Mr. Carlos Hernandez Senior Vice President, carlos@vipcapitalfunding.com, (919) 300-0203. They will guide and assist you in getting the most appropriate business loans.

Remember, do not take the working capital needs of your business lightly. They could mean the life or death of your business. Often, the businesses overlook this aspect and land themselves in hot waters, they then look for investor funding or other business financing to help them get out of troubles. The bad credit business loans are a major impediment in getting loans from conventional banks. So they either have to cut back on their operations to survive or take loans at high interest to get over their financial worries. Neither is sustainable and in the long run, they go broke and have to shut down their operations. We do not want such a scenario for you that is why we suggest you avail of our small business loans program and operate your businesses with peace of mind.