Flexible business working capital Products tailored to your business needs

Small Business Loan

Description: A very flexible business loan product with aggressive early prepayment discounts. geared toward any of your business financial needs involving: inventory, marketing, expansion, day to day operational expense, payroll, etc. The loan is designed to cover quarterly and bi-quarterly investments and expenses as it is revolving working capital to yield great ROI.

  • All industries welcome
  • Funding Ranges from $50,000-$15,000,000
  • Prepayment discounts from 10%-35%
  • Annual Revenue Required: $600,000
  • Term lengths from 6-24 months
  • Soft pull on credit
  • Pre-Approval within 24 hours
  • No Prepayment Penalty
  • Renewals after 50% is paid down
  • Funding in 1-3 business days
  • Interest rate is a tax write off

At VIP Capital Funding, we understand that small and medium businesses need financing options that are both flexible and affordable. That's why we're excited to offer our Working Capital and Merchant Cash Advance solutions with weekly payback structures and terms ranging from 6 to 24 months.

With our weekly payback structure, you can make manageable payments that fit your cash flow, and our flexible terms allow you to pay off your loan on a schedule that works for you. Plus, our Working Capital and Merchant Cash Advance solutions are designed to help you grow your business, so you can focus on what you do best.

And the best part? Our minimum revenue requirement for funding is only $600,000 per year, with no minimum credit score required. And if you qualify, you could receive funding as soon as the next business day.

So why wait? Apply for Working Capital or Merchant Cash Advance today and see the difference for yourself. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

Working capital is crucial for businesses of all sizes as it funds daily operations, provides cash flow, and meets unexpected expenses. By effectively managing working capital, businesses can reduce their dependence on loans and improve their credit score, while investing in growth opportunities and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

By using working capital effectively, businesses can improve their cash flow and reduce their dependence on loans or other forms of financing.

Working capital enables businesses to invest in new technology, equipment, and marketing initiatives, and take advantage of seasonal opportunities. By maintaining adequate working capital, businesses can improve their financial health, reduce risk, and position themselves for long-term success.

Working capital is a vital component of any successful business. By managing it effectively, businesses can improve their financial health, reduce their risk, and position themselves for long-term success. If you have any questions about working capital or would like to explore your financing options, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As businesses continue to face financial challenges, many are turning to Working Capital loans as a solution. VIP Capital Funding’s Working Capital Loans can provide the necessary funding for a variety of needs, such as expanding operations, purchasing new equipment, or hiring additional staff.

Additionally VIP Capital Funding underwrites the performance of a business based on their 3-6 months business bank statements, so credit score is a minor requirement with 590 credit score minimum. Approvals and funding within 24-48 hours.

Here are some reasons why businesses should consider taking out a business loan:

  1. Cash Flow Management: A business loan can help manage cash flow, ensuring that bills are paid on time, employees are paid, and unexpected expenses are covered. This can help businesses avoid costly penalties, preserve their credit score, and maintain a good reputation.
  2. Investment in Growth: Business loans can help finance new equipment or technology, expand operations, or launch new products or services. These investments can lead to increased revenue and profitability, helping businesses thrive in a competitive market.
  3. Improved Cash Flow: Working Capital Loans have proven to take businesses to the next level by allowing more projects to be accomplished resulting in improved cash flow.
  4. Flexibility: Working Capital offers flexibility in terms of repayment schedules and loan amounts. This can help businesses tailor the loan to their specific needs and repayment capabilities.
  5. Competitive Prepayment Discounts And No Prepayment Penalty: This can save businesses money in the long run and reduce their financial burden.

Overall, working capital can provide the necessary funding for businesses to grow and thrive. By carefully considering their options and selecting the Business Funding that best fits their needs, businesses can secure their financial future and achieve their goals.

Description: Grant Program That Gives You $26,000 Per W-2 Employee Up To $15MM With Bridge Loans Available

  • Small business Grant $200K-$15MM
  • Free Grant Money
  • Bridge Loans Available Up To 65% Of Your Approved Grant
  • Monthly Interest Only Payments On Your Bridge Loan Before Grant Is Received
  • Huge Opportunity
  • No Brainer As We Are Partnered Up With A Top CPA Firm For Your ERTC Grant With $2.9 Billion In Approved Grants!

Consolidations From $100K-$2MM

Debt consolidation is a popular financial strategy that involves combining multiple debts into one manageable payment. It can be an effective way to simplify your finances, lower your interest rates, and pay off debt faster. VIP Capital Funding is a financial services company that offers debt consolidation services to its clients.

One of the benefits of VIP Capital's debt consolidation services is the ability to simplify your finances. Instead of managing multiple payments to various creditors each month, you can make a single payment to VIP Capital. This can help reduce the stress and confusion that comes with managing multiple debts.

Another advantage of VIP Capital's debt consolidation services is the potential to lower your interest rates. By consolidating your debts, you may be able to qualify for a lower interest rate than what you're currently paying. This can help you save money on interest charges and pay off your debts faster.

VIP Capital also offers personalized debt consolidation solutions tailored to your individual financial situation. Their team of financial experts can work with you to create a plan that fits your needs and helps you achieve your financial goals.

In addition, VIP Capital's debt consolidation services can help improve your credit score. By making timely payments on your consolidated debt, you can demonstrate responsible financial behavior to credit bureaus, which can help boost your credit score over time.

Overall, VIP Capital's debt consolidation services can provide a range of benefits, including simplified finances, lower interest rates, personalized solutions, and improved credit scores. If you're struggling with debt, it may be worth considering VIP Capital's debt consolidation services as a potential solution.