Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers Business Loans

Of late fitness industry has taken off. Awareness of a healthy lifestyle is growing every day. A fitness and recreation sports center include facilities like a gymnasium, swimming pool, skating rinks, racquet sports, aerobics, etc. They charge membership fees for using their facilities and that constitutes their main income. 

At VIP Capital Funding we believe this business has the potential to grow in a big way. That is why we are committed to providing fast and easy business loans for such ventures. We know the fitness industry is hit hard by Covid 19. If you own any such facility and are having working capital issues, then we can help you with that too. Our easy approval business loans will help you tide over these difficult times. 

Commercial banks charge a very high rate of interest and for an entrepreneur thinking of setting up a fitness center that might not be feasible. Banks fear bad credit business loans so they ask for maximum collaterals. For us, you and your business are enough collaterals. We do not ask for hefty guarantees for our business loans. We know the dynamics of small business funding and understand them well.  We listen to our customers and then come up with a business financing solution that best suits them. It’s just like investor funding but at a very low-interest rate. 

Our Owner and Executive Managing Partner Mr. Joshua Triplett prioritize the needs of the customers over anything else. You can reach him at his email,, or call him at 919-521-8459 for the best advice on business loans. His teammates are equally competent. You can call any of the following gentlemen for your small business loans’ related queries.

  • Will Winston, Vice President,, (919) 521-8954. 
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We take every small business loan application individually and give our customers personalized service. Our customers are thoroughly satisfied by our business financing as is evident from their feedback posted at our website,

We have the approval of major rating agencies in the US. Trustpilot has given us a 4.5 stars rating. We serve many industries and primarily focus on small business funding. If your business has the potential to succeed you will find us to be a willing partner in your success story.