Flooring Contractors

Who are flooring contractors?

Flooring contractors are businesses that install new floors to your houses and commercial establishments. They cut tiles according to the specific measurements of your rooms, level the surface, and lay the new floors. In the process, if need be, they also remove the old floor before paving way for the new one. It is a physically demanding job that requires some level of construction knowledge. There is no formal requirement of a degree to start this job but having some experience and training helps.

The business scope of flooring contractors:

Flooring contractors are closely connected with the housing and construction industries. It is a good line of business as the demand for new houses and commercial buildings are always there. People also need to renovate their old houses so they require the services of flooring contractors too. In 2019, flooring contractors earned a revenue of US$23 billion. They earn an average net profit anywhere between 3-7%. A small-sized flooring contractor can make around US$75,000 in the first few years, graduating to US$200,000-230,000 as he expands to become a medium-sized flooring contractor.

Working Capital needs of a flooring contractor:

Flooring contractors can experience periods of a bust, like any other business. Winters are traditionally slow seasons for the business. Under such circumstances, it becomes hard to keep the business going unless you have enough cash to use as a cushion. And for a small business that may be hard. You will eventually have to borrow to remain afloat. That presents its challenges because banks, investors, are usually reluctant to extend credit to small businesses. So, the need for a reliable and strong financing partner becomes apparent.

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