General Freight Trucking, Truck load

General Freight Trucking is a very profitable business. It implies the transportation of commodities in containers or van trailers over long distances. But do you know you can increase the margin of your trucking business by 30-40% by obtaining business loans and increasing your working capital? This is where VIP Capital Funding can help your cause. It doesn’t matter whether you are already into the trucking business wants to establish a new one, we provide easy approval business loans that can help shore up your fortunes. 

Businesses; be they small or large need capital to kick start their activities. In general freight trucking, you will need a business loan to buy or lease new trucks, hire new employees, or get land to use it as a shed for your trucks. The trucks also require upkeep and maintenance, and for that, you need money too. VIP Capital Funding can take care of all your business financing. Our small business loans are particularly going to suit your needs for this particular line of business. We assure you of personalized service to address your needs. 

Our team of dedicated professionals, starting from our Owner and Executive Managing Partner Joshua Triplett, who you can reach at, or 919-521-8459 to Mr. Will Winston Vice President, business funding,, (919) 521-8954, Cheyenne Chong Director of Risk Management ( Cheynne@VIP Capital, 919 521-8451 ), Kenneth Lewis Chief Financial Officer, (, 919 261-3457), and, Carlos Hernandez Senior Vice President, (, 919 300-0203) are all waiting to hear from you. You can call them, email them or visit our website for further details. 

You can get fast and simple business loans through us. It is easier than getting investor funding for your business. We require little to no collateral and our loan approval ratio is almost 100 percent. You will get quick loans for your business as we speed up the process for you, while you contemplate expanding the operations of your business. In an industry, where bad credit loans are a norm and lending agencies are reluctant to reach out to small business funding we go the extra mile and satisfy the working capital needs of small businesses. We do not want you to suffer financially, which may ultimately lead to a suspension of your business activities. Think of us as your partners, that want you to prosper and excel in your respective business. We believe in growing together and reaching for the stars.