Home Health Care Services Small Business Loans

Home health care services imply providing patients with medical aid in the comfort of their homes. If you want to set up your home health care agency you are going to hire a team of doctors, nursing staff, therapists, etc. You will also require an inventory of some basic medicines, laboratory equipment, and a building to house all these. Most small businesses resort to investor funding for their financing as commercial banks are reluctant to lend them the money. The reason being; small businesses often fail and banks do not want bad credit business loans in their loans portfolio. Enter VIP Capital Funding in the picture.

We give small business loans to individuals to start their businesses or to help expand them. Our business financing terms are very favorable and we have an approval rating of almost 100%. We provide business loans with no collateral and zero strings attached. Our owner and Executive Managing Partner, Mr. Joshua Triplett consider small businesses the backbone of any economy. He believes by disbursing fast and simple business loans we are helping spur economic activity. 

Our team of dedicated professionals will give you personalized service for your small business funding. You can email our owner and Executive Managing Partner Mr. Joshua Triplett at, joshuatriplett@vipcapitalfunding.com or call him at 919-521-8459. Depending on your needs he may direct one of his staff for your assistance. Our staff includes; Mr. Carlos Hernandez, Senior Vice President, carlos@vipcapitalfunding.com, (919) 300-0203, Mr. Will Winston, Vice President, will.winston@vipcapitalfunding.com, (919) 521-8954, Mr. Cheyenne Chong, Director of Risk Management, cheynne@vipcapitalfunding.com, (919) 521-8451, Mr. Kenneth Lewis Chief Financial Officer, kenneth@vipcapitalfunding.com, (919) 261-3457. You may call or email any of them with your business loan queries.

So forget investor funding and get a hold of our easy approval business loans and get your working capital needs sorted. With a 4.5-star rating at Trustpilot, you know you can trust. So give us a call we are eager to serve you.