Janitorial Services Small Business Loans

Janitorial services or cleaning business is a very good business proposition if you want to set up a business for yourself. Unlike other businesses, here your cash inflow is expected to be much better as you keep receiving money from your clients on a rolling basis. The profit margin is also good ranging from 10-25%. For commercial establishments, the cleaners charge a higher rate as compared to the residential. At VIP Capital Funding, we can help you jack up your profit margin to 40% or even higher by providing you with fast and simple business loans.

But why would you want money from us? Instead of looking for investor funding, we provide easy approval loans at very reasonable interest rates and favorable terms. Our business loans are specially designed to meet the working capital requirements of small businesses. Mr. Will Winston, Vice President, business funding, (will.winston@vipcapitalfunding.com, 919- 521-8954) would guide a detailed assessment of your cash flow needs and would devise ways to help you sustain well in the initial days of your business. 

You will need money to invest in mops, vacuums, sweeps, sponges, squeegees, soaps, detergents, cleaning agents, toiletries, and other such stuff. The cost of hiring services, marketing costs, taxes, legal fees, etc. are in addition to that. You will need adequate business financing for that. Our Owner and Executive Managing Partner, Joshua Triplett, (joshuatriplett@vipcapitalfunding.com, 919-521-8459) have set up VIP Capital Funding keeping in view the small business funding and small business loans. We will provide you with loan assistance that is tailor-made to meet your financial needs. We have a group of experts who provide personalized services to each client. All you have to do is to visit our website at www.vipcapitalfunding.com and get in touch with our experts. These include among others, Mr. Cheyenne Chong, Director of Risk Management, (Cheynne@VIP Capital Funding.com, 919-521-8451), Kenneth Lewis, Chief Financial Officer, (kenneth@vipcapitalfunding.com, 919-261-3457), Carlos Hernandez, Senior Vice President, (carlos@vipcapitalfunding.com, 919 300-0203). All of them will serve you with a happy smile.

We know the cash situation can get unpredictable, especially for small, service-driven businesses like janitorial services. The presence of bad credit business loans also hampers the provision of credit facilities from commercial banks. So these factors threaten to undermine the existence of your business. On the other hand, our business loans will fulfill your financial needs at a very affordable interest rate with very soft terms. We hope you will consider us for your small business funding.