Landscaping Services Business Loans

At VIP Capital Funding we can help landscaping businesses as we take pride in the fact that we serve over 700 plus industries. We have helped to realize the potential of hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses nationwide. The landscaping business is one of many such businesses. Although primarily a service-driven industry, the landscaping business does need some capital investment in the initial phase.

A landscaping business usually operates between a profit range of 2-10% but with VIP Capital Funding landscaping businesses have found ways to earn 30%-40% profit margins through our capital.. If you get lucky, then it can earn more than that. But the typical range is, as you can see, low. So, with this little margin, it can get very challenging to obtain loans from commercial banks. Their rate of interest is high or they might not be interested in lending you money for your small business with such a low-profit margin. That is where we step in and help you raise capital for your business. You will need tools for cutting, pruning, and digging like shears, hedge trimmers, spades, shovels, specialized landscaping knives, pruning saws, etc. We can help you get that much-needed equipment through our various loan programs, tailor-made to suit every customer’s needs. You can also hire services of other landscape designers and workers from the money acquired through us.

 If you are already running a landscaping business, we can help you upgrade it. Up-gradation is necessary to survive in the industry, otherwise, you risk losing your customers and lag in the competition. This up-gradation can be new technology, a new way of presenting your skills, a new marketing strategy, or even a new office space. All this requires the injection of more money from you and oftentimes cash is not available, especially in these testing times. This is where you can rely on us. We offer extremely simple procedures for getting loans with minimal or no guarantees. You can log on to our website to have a closer look at the range of our financial services and the products we offer. You can pick the one that suits you the most and contact our team of experts. We will discuss with you and customize your funding so that it best serves your needs. It is as simple as that.

We believe in listening to our customers, understanding his needs, addressing his concerns, and alleviating his financial woes. As Mr. Joshua Triplett, Owner, Executive Principal, Managing Partner of VIP Capital Funding says’ “Put your customer’s needs above everything else” This is the guiding mantra of our business’s philosophy, and we strictly adhere to it. Financial services are all about rationalization. There cannot be one size fits all solutions here. We understand our customers’ peculiar needs and help them grow. Our prosperity lies in the financial well-being of our customers. We are here to support you and take care of your money matters. Tens of thousands of happy and satisfied customers are a testimony of our success. We do not sit on our laurels and will continue to extend our services for the betterment of our customers and us.