Agency and Marketing Consulting Services Business Loans

Marketing consultants have been around for a while. In recent times they have become very important for businesses who hire them for several reasons like brand management, devising sales and marketing plans, strategic marketing, etc. Their importance is growing and their potential needs to be realized. 

Marketing consultancy is a service-driven industry. You provide advice and that is your product. But still, you need business financing for it. You might ask why? Every business needs cash to run its affairs. You will hire marketing experts, pay them salaries, get office space (on rent or otherwise), advertise your business, etc. You need working capital to meet all these expenses. Sometimes the cash flow situation gets worse and in that case, you will be in trouble.

But you need not worry as VIP Capital Funding is here to take care of all your funding needs. You need not go to banks, who will shy away from lending you anyway; fearing bad credit business loans. 

Our small business funding is quick, hassle-free, and requires little to no collateral from you.

Our Owner and Executive Managing Partner, Mr. Joshua Triplett (, 919-521-8459) have the vision to uplift the micro-business sector of this country. He believes by giving them small business loans we will help them grow and expand. He has assembled a team of financial experts that are there to help you every step of the way. Some of the key members are; Mr. Will Winston, Vice President, you may contact him at or (919) 521-8954. Mr. Cheyenne Chong, Director of Risk Management, his contact info is and (919) 521-8451. Mr. Kenneth Lewis, Chief Financial, you can reach him at or (919) 261-3457. And last but not least Mr. Carlos Hernandez, Senior Vice President and he is available at or (919) 300-0203.

We make sure that our business loans are disbursed in the minimum possible time. These are primarily easy approval loans and require very little documentation. Whether you want to start a new marketing consultation agency or expand the operations of your existing one, we will provide you all the financial advice and the funding to get you through. We give small business loans to several industries, especially related to the services sector. We can be the investor funding you always craved for but could never get.