Offices of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists, and Audiologists

Who are they?

These are independent caregivers and health practitioners that provide support to patients who face difficulty in discharging normal bodily functions due to any injury, accident, or physical impairment. They help them get over their physical disabilities and lead a normal life. They also help in diagnosing and treating speech or hearing issues. Physiotherapists, music and dance therapists, speech therapists, etc. all fall under this category.

Scope of their business:

As healthcare professionals, their need is always there. Formal education and training are required before you are eligible to start your practice. Government departments and agencies give you a license to start your practice when you fulfill all the requirements. In 2019, the total revenue from the offices of physical, occupational, speech therapists, and audiologists was US$36 billion approx. People need their services to overcome their physical deficiencies and handicaps.

Working capital requirements of their offices:

As they are service providers so they do not have to worry about buying stocks and selling them. But they require a formal office to work in and dispense their services. They need to maintain healthy working capital to meet their expenses of running the business, like salaries, utility bills, etc. In times of low revenue, they face a liquidity crisis and may find it difficult to keep their business running. In such circumstances, they require ready cash to support their working capital and keep the business moving. This is where VIP Capital Funding can help them a great deal in overcoming their financial crisis.

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