Pet Care (except veterinary services)

What is pet care (except veterinary services)?

Pet care is not limited to just a veterinary clinic. There is more to taking care of your pet than taking him to a vet. These services include, but are not limited to; pet grooming, training, recreational activities, animal shelter, boarding, daycare centers, pet sitting services, etc. It is an entire industry on its own and pet owners and lovers seek their services regularly to take care of their pets.

Scope of their business:

Pet care is a growing industry. It is projected to earn 8,289.1 million by 2024. In 2020 the revenue was 6,874.12 million. These are encouraging figures and promise a thriving industry by all means. You need preferably a large space to set up this business. It will be helpful if you have formal training in this regard. And yes love and care for animals is an absolute must if you want to enter into this particular line of business.

Working capital requirements of pet care (except veterinary services) industry:

Working capital is as important for the pet care industry as it is for any other business. You have to keep it at a healthy level to meet your day to day expenses and effectively run your business. Small businesses especially those that are service-driven find it hard to maintain their working capitals to an optimum level. In such a scenario they have to look for other sources to bolster their cash reserves and run their businesses. VIP Capital Funding is your best bet to meet your financial needs under such conditions.

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