Working Capital for Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors

Plumbing, heating and air-conditioning contractors whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned veteran with experience; you’re always on the move. Or you can set the pace you want to work, but if you want to make more money, Pvt investor funds from Merchant Cash Advance can help. As you get busier you will be riddled with job opportunities to make more money. A lot of times this will require working capital as you buy more equipment, material, and hire staff. Whatever the reason maybe VIP Capital Funding’s small business loans¬† can help increase the gross profit of your business by 300%-500%. You can use VIP Capital Funding’s working capital for a plethora of reasons to help your business grow. Banks for the most part say no for small business owners applying for a business loan and investors will want a percentage of your business. The purpose and goal of our business funding is to allow you to accelerate the growth of your business by allowing you to buy more equipment, take on more jobs and ultimately make more money. Be aggressive! Aggression in business is a winning strategy, if your money isn’t put to work it’s just sitting there, passivity in business is losing because your capital isn’t put to work and all you are doing is bleeding expenses. Joshua Triplett, Owner and Executive Principal Managing Partner has almost a decade of experience in the fin-tech industry as he owns a leading firm with great reviews, he has a group of consultants who deploy strategies to help get the funds you want and need.

If you are interested in getting funds for your business, email or call:

*Vice President Will Winston whose email is | 919-521-8954

*Chief Financial Officer Kenneth Lewis whose email is | 661-449-7305

*Senior Vice President Carlos Hernandez whose email is | 919-300-0203

*Director of Risk Management Cheynne Chong whose email is | 919-521-8451

From the very first call VIP Capital Funding’s group of consultants will quickly understand and analyze your needs from their the process is very smooth, you will be send a quick Docusign Application and then we will send it up with the funding department. We will go up to bat by making calls and emails with multiple investors to give you not only the best possible chance at 95% but the best terms as well. Some of you may complain about the high 25%-40% interest rate of merchant cash advance but you must understand that it is very risky for the investor who expects at least 15%-20% on his or her money right there. On top of all that when you run the numbers as thousands of businesses have they are still able to make a good profit for themselves.

There are also perks to the Merchant Cash Advance Loan that many do not understand such as it being a tax write off or having the interest forgiven when your loan is 50% paid down. If all of this makes sense to you feel free to give us a call/email/fill out the short form and we will be in touch with you shortly.