Software Publishers

It is an organization that develops software and then goes on to distribute and market it as well. The process also entails market research for the development of software and its distribution. A software publisher can design and develop software in-house, or get it done on contract from outside, or it can buy one from the available options in the market. A software publisher is different from a software developer as the latter is concerned only with designing and programming it and not distributing it. While a publisher does all marketing and distribution as well.

Financing need for a software publisher:

A software publisher would need to hire competent human resource needed to develop viable software. It needs technical support regularly to upgrade their programs or design new ones. It will also need to spend substantially on its marketing budget as it also constitutes one of its core businesses.

If you want to set up a software publishing house, you need to factor in all the expenses that we have outlined above as they will form your major expense. You also need to lease an office space and for its rent and other facilities.

If you do not have enough cash on your own to start this business, then you would start looking for sources to finance your business. You would look for investor funding or bank loans. The latter would be difficult to avail of because they are mostly asset-based loans or come with tough conditions. It is true for investor funding as well.

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