Sports & Recreation Instruction

What is sports & recreation instruction?

Sports & recreation instruction consists of enterprises that give coaching and guidance to individuals or groups on athletic and gymnastic activities. It can be done on a day to day basis or over a prolonged period of time that includes both day and night time coaching. There may be permanent coaching centers for this purpose or temporary camps to achieve some specific fitness or sports-related goal.

The business scope of sports and recreation instruction:

Thanks to multiple factors the sports and recreation instruction industry are enjoying solid patronage. These factors include awareness for a fit, and nutritious lifestyle, popular support from mass media and government for a healthy and wholesome life, fight against obesity, emphasis on a natural and organic diet, etc. As of 2020, it has become a USD9 billion industry and growing. The restrictions imposed by Covid-19 on one on one meetings, and cut in income levels did hamper its growth prospects last year but it is set to rebound with government and individual support this year.

Working Capital requirements of sports and recreation instruction industry:

This industry is a service-driven industry. There is no involvement of any physical product at any level. So, if and when the people who avail of this service stop taking it, the business is at a halt. This was glaringly evident in the last year when the lockdown occurred and people were shut inside their houses. Under such circumstances, it becomes very hard to run the business. An injection of cash becomes necessary to meet the working capital requirements. Borrowing from banks becomes difficult as you do not have any physical assets. Thus the need for a reliable business financing partner becomes all the more important.

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