Supermarket and Other Grocery Stores (Except Convenience Store)

What do they do?

Supermarkets and other grocery stores provide food items like canned and frozen food, dry food, fruits, vegetables, poultry, fish, meat, dairy products, bakery, and snacks. They do not sell medicines, hardware, etc. Some of them do sell basic grocery items like paper towels, toiletries, and over-the-counter drugs.

The scope of this business:

Supermarkets have a marked presence in every neighborhood. They sell basic necessities that all of us need for survival that is why they are ubiquitous. Their margin of profit may not be very high but the turnover is usually fast because of the nature of their goods. By the year 2024, their annual sales are expected to be around US$702.5 billion. This is a huge number and points towards the potential of this line of business.

Working capital needs of this business:

As it involves buying and selling stock, it is crucial that an optimal level of working capital is maintained throughout the year. A week or so of low sales can trigger a working capital crisis. You have to pay your creditors and if you fail, they will halt fresh supplies. This can affect your business and you will be stuck in a vicious loop where you do not have enough money to buy new stock, sell it, and pay off your creditors. You will need to pour money into your business to help its shore up the finances and keep your business running. To help you, VIP Capital Funding is there to give you the funds you need for the smooth sailing of your business.

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