Automotive repair is a much-in-demand profession that remains relevant throughout the year. For as long as there are automobiles on the roads, there will always remain a demand for their repair and maintenance. On average, the profit margin for the labor engaged in automobile repair is 50%-65%. While the profit margin of auto parts is in the range of 20-28%.

Automotive repair is a service-oriented industry, but still, you need small business funding for it. You may need it to hire technically sound and qualified mechanics, buy tools and repair kits, getting land for your garage, or even buying software to automate your automotive repair business. All these require fast and simple business loans that you can get hassle-free. For this very purpose, our Owner and Executive Manager Partner Joshua Triplett set up the VIP Capital Funding. We assure you that by getting business loans from us you can increase your productivity up to 30-40% which can set you up to increase your profit from 100-400% in the long run.

VIP Capital Funding is your one-stop-solution for all your small business financing needs. You can secure the working capital that will increase your liquidity and help you tide over your difficult times. We have a team of very professional experts that can help you get the business funding you so badly need. All you have to do is to log on to our website at and contact any of the following personnel for your service;

  • Mr. Cheyenne Chong, Director of Risk Management, Cheynne@VIP Capital, (919) 521-8451
  • Mr. Kenneth Lewis, Chief Financial Officer,, (919) 261-3457

You can also approach our Owner and Executive Managing Partner, Mr. Joshua Triplett, at, 919-521-8459. These gentlemen will listen to your financing needs and suggest the financial products that best serve your interests.

In this time and age, easy approval business loans are hard to come by, especially for small businesses that are service-driven. The market is rife with bad credit business loans. We have taken upon ourselves that we will help such small enterprises get business loans that will help them rise. We know very well that business financing is of paramount importance for the life of a business. Thankfully you do not have to suffer now as we will help you realize your true potential and reach new heights.

VIP Capital Funding